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About Little Vegan Shop

Our Ethos – Positive choice and eco-friendly, home made, vegan, organic, natural, recycled and biodegradable products for the entire family including your pets, with each one being a little unique. All are carefully selected, made in small batches or customised to order.

We always intend to provide the best buying experience and customer service and high-quality, safe products, and to limit the impact on the environment. We value our customers and suppliers, understanding and cooperation, and we provide an enjoyable, fair and incentivised workplace for our staff.

We are passionate about being good to our planet and working with it. After struggling to source various sustainable, zero waste vegan and organic items, the Little Vegan Shop was born. It began on a farm in the picturesque Peak District that has been growing organic fruit and veggies. A selection of handmade products was created on the farm and they now carry the Little Vegan Shop brand name and continue to be produced according to the original patterns and recipes.

In addition to the Little Vegan Shop branded products we have a number of products from Africa. There are bags and batik clothes, all in lovely vibrant colours and handmade by our tailor in Senegal according to our specifications.

Other artisan items come from suppliers that share our ethical business principles and seek to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment as much as we do. You can find out more about our values in our Environmental Policy.

The Little Vegan Shop as a business is part of Mirlando, an ethical enterprise that cares about our environment and promotes healthy living and sustainable business practices. Mirlando also provides renewable energy solutions, has a directory of ethical companies that offer products and services beyond the Little Vegan Shop’s product range, and directly supports charity projects. You can find out more and visit Mirlando here.

Mirlando is a member of the Nature Conservancy and the Fair Trade Society. It is also a partner of One Tree Planted, specifically for the Little Vegan Shop to counteract the deforestation of the rain forest through orders placed.

Mirlando was founded by Dorit Tavares Ferreira. Dorit is passionate about making a contribution to helping the environment and enabling positive change. She started Mirlando in response to a growing public awareness of environmental issues and the impact of climate change that could increasingly be felt. Mirlando offers solutions to alleviate the impact on the environment and our lives and focuses on understanding and cooperation.

Through the Little Vegan Shop and Mirlando’s other business areas we hope to introduce you to some new products and inspire us all towards a healthier, carbon-free future.

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